What coaching IS



  • The purpose of each coaching session is to engage in conversation regarding the client’s main goals. Healthy Equation goals revolve around 5 factors:
  1. Health & Nutritional Wellbeing — Health & Nutrition
  2. Physical Wellbeing — Health & Physical Activity
  3. Social-Emotional Wellbeing — Self & Connectivity
  4. Organizational Wellbeing — Daily Work (Working World?)
  5. Spiritual Wellbein g — Mind at Rest
  • Coaching is a professional relationship meant to be positive and to create forward-moving momentum.
  • Coaching is bio-individual – each client has individual health and lifestyle needs and goals.



What coaching is NOT

  • Coaching is NOT a therapy session.
  • Coaching is NOT a one-sided conversation with the coach offering all of the solutions.
  • Coaching does NOT provide a “quick fix”!

A coach's role is to listen, guide, and encourage.

A client's role is to show up each session and be as genuine and engaged as possible.