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At Healthy Equation, we coach kids – but it is more accurate to say that we coach for kids. I am a Family Coach. My services are most effective when working with parents in partnership for their children, and so working with children is naturally a key part to this relationship. I have worked with thousands of children and families over the last 17 years in schools in three different countries that cover a broad range on the cultural and socio-economic spectrums. Consider me your partner and guide from your child’s workplace – school. Together we will help them thrive to their potentials and beyond!

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Family Coaching

Our Family Coaching usually begins from one of two places:

1) Parents – you have a particular problem with your child, or within your family dynamic, and you are looking for support to tackle the problem.

Typical problems are not limited to, but may include:

·       Routines and structure in the home are not working to your fullest advantage. It seems like your child needs your constant attention to get anything done – homework, chores, or even putting his shoes on to leave the house!

·       Your child’s behavior is influencing her performance in school, relationships with friends, siblings, or even with you.

·       School doesn’t seem to make sense to your child; everything is a struggle. Perhaps he has a learning disability, but it could simply be that creating strong organizational and work habits would do the trick.

·       Your child seems to be addicted to her iPad or other smart device. This may be impacting her grades, ability to relate to others, energy levels and desire to go outside and play, and maybe even her weight.

·       The pressure to be prepared for college seems to be creeping into life earlier and earlier, and it is overwhelming for parents and children alike. What is the best way to balance grades, SAT scores, extracurricular activities, and having a life?


2) Parents – you do not have a particular problem within your family. Rather, you’re simply looking to build your tribe when it comes to your child’s development. In this case, you’re looking for a guide and accountability coach in relation to specific family goals that fall in line with one of Healthy Equation’s Five Factors:

·       Nutrition

·       Health & Physical Activity

·       Self & Connectivity

·       Daily Work

·       Mind at Rest

Getting Started

  • Contact HE to schedule a Discovery Session. We will meet with you and your child separately to get to know each other and ensure we are a good fit.
  • We will do a couple of activities together - child, parents, coach - to narrow down goals. 
  • Weekly coaching sessions last 45-60 minutes; a 3 month minimum commitment is required.

  • Coaching sessions may be in person or online. 

Seminars & Workshops


Healthy Equation's mission is to empower children of all ages - and we believe providing information and strategies to the adults in their lives is a powerful way to do that. 


  • Current seminar topics include: 
    • Family Coaching: A holistic approach to a child's academic and socio-emotional development.
    • The Great Read-Aloud: How reading across the ages promotes learning
    • Boys Are from Saturn, Girls Are from Pluto: Boys and girls learn differently 
    • Behavior ABCs: 3 tips for greater harmony in your home
  • Seminars for parent groups may be tailored to a specific age range and are typically 45-60 minutes long. 
  • Longer workshops are also available to dive further into a topic.
  • Contact HE for more details.


  • Seminars: the same parent topics above are available through schools rather than independent parent groups.
  • New Teacher Mentoring: coaching program designed to support first and second year teachers work their way towards mastery.
  • Contact HE for more details.


  • Have an event in mind? Custom workshops may be developed upon request.
  • Contact HE for more details.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

—Frederick Douglass