The Healthy Equation Factors 

The goal at Healthy Equation is to partner with parents and other child advocates to help children of all ages grow into adulthood happy, self-confident and motivated to contribute to society in a positive way. We specialize in a holistic approach comprised of five distinct, but related, factors. These factors are the core foundation for our work.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Health & Physical Activity
  3. Self & Connectivity
  4. Daily Work
  5. Mind at Rest



In order to have great “wealth in health,” it is important to understand your eating habits, including the types of food you tend to gravitate towards, what times during the day you usually eat, allergies and/or medical conditions, blood type and more, particularly as they relate to daily productivity and attention span.


Health & Physical Activity

“Health” includes your genetic makeup as well as your patterns surrounding physical activity. The amount of activity and rest we engage in have a direct impact on daily energy, focus and imagination-building. In order to maximize the brain's fitness level, we review habits and general practice in the areas of sleep, organized activities, play, screen-time as well as any physical needs that may impact daily productivity and engagement. 


Self & Connectivity

Each of us is an individual, yet part of a whole. We are connected through family, school, work, and the greater community around us. We are also digitally connected through technology. Increase self-confidence, and learn to interact with others in person and online by better understanding your personality, communication style, and how you respond to those around you in order to care for and properly advocate for self while also positively contributing to society.


Daily Work

Our working environments (including school!) can shape our work habits for good or bad without us ever realizing it - unless we make a point to be aware of it. We will review current habits and stress reactions to various workloads including preferred and non-preferred subjects in order to create strategies to maximize upon areas of ease and strengthen weaknesses. 


Mind at Rest

The body at rest results in sleep. The mind at rest results in calm. Research continues to demonstrate the positive effects naps, meditation, nature walks and other habits have on the brain. Mental breaks ease the brain’s activity allowing for new rounds of productivity, replenished attention, solidified memories and encourages greater creativity.